Max's RV Ceramic Sealant Wax

1 review

Max's RV Ceramic Sealant Wax

1 review
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The warmth of a carnauba with the gloss of a ceramic sealant, specially formulated for your RV!

Max's RV Ceramic Sealant Wax combines all-natural carnauba wax with ceramic polymers to provide tough-as-nails protection for your RV's exterior surfaces. Ceramic polymers protect painted, fiberglass, gel coat, chrome, and aluminum surfaces from UV-induced fading while high-grade carnauba wax creates a glossy, slick finish that sheds water and contaminants, leaving your RV cleaner in between washes. Max's RV Ceramic Sealant Wax is a thick, lotion-like formula that is easily applied by hand or machine. Features:
  • Durable protection
  • Adds high gloss
  • Easy to apply
  • Carnauba wax + ceramic sealant for maximum gloss and durability
  • Self-cleaning effect keeps surfaces cleaner between washes
  • Apply by hand or with a machine polisher

You bought your RV to use your RV - not to spend all of your time maintaining it! Max's RV Ceramic Sealant Wax provides protection that lasts the long haul, allowing you to spend more time enjoying your RV instead of waxing it over and over again. The ceramic sealants make it possible to get incredible results that LAST!

Not only does Max's RV Ceramic Sealant Wax provide protection that lasts, it also works hard to keep your RV cleaner in between washes. The wax creates a slick surface that dirt and grime can easily be removed from. We call this a self-cleaning effect, and it makes your RV considerably easier to maintain. Since nothing will stick to the surface after applying Max's RV Ceramic Sealant Wax, you'll be able to wash away bugs, oil, road film, and other contaminants with ease!


  1. Shake well.  Ensure surface is cool to the touch. 
  2. Apply by hand or machine with a soft foam applicator pad.  A thin coat is all that's needed!
  3. Allow product to dry to a haze for 15-30 minutes depending on temperature and exposure to sunlight. 
  4. Remove wax using a clean, soft microfiber towel.  Flip towel often. 

Tip: Before attempting to wipe the surface clean, swipe the surface with your finger. If the wax smears then it is not time to remove, if it swipes clean then proceed to buff the panel to a shine.

16 oz.

Includes microfiber towel & applicator pad.

Made in the USA

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Buttery smooth application

I never thought I would find a wax so easy to wipe off. No elbow grease required with this fella! The shine and slickness is second to none.

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