Ceramic Boat Coatings

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    Compared to a traditional wax or sealant, a ceramic coating for boats provides much longer lasting protection against the elements of nature. Ceramic coatings for boats also provide superior UV protection and help prevent the gel coat from oxidizing.

    We offer several different types of ceramic coatings, include a ceramic-infused wash and wax!

    For the longest lasting protection, check out Nautical One Ceramic Spray Coating. This is a true ceramic spray coating for boats and it's very easy to apply. The longevity is measured in years, not months!

    For a quick and easy ceramic shine, Nautical One Hydro Rinse SiO2 Coating will quickly become one of your favorite products. This spray on, rinse off ceramic coating is applied to your boat AFTER you wash it, while it's still wet. Simply spray on and rinse off!
    7 products
    Nautical One Ceramic Wash & Wax
    2 reviews
    from $19.99
    Nautical One Hydro Rinse SiO2 Coating
    6 reviews
    from $24.99
    Nautical One One-Step Ceramic Polish
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    from $24.99
    Max's RV Ceramic Sealant Wax
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    Max's RV Hydro Pearl SiO2 Coating
    3 reviews
    Nautical One Ceramic Spray Coating
    3 reviews
    Nautical One Ceramic Boat Coating Kit
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