Carolina Home & Patio Mildew Remover

SKU: CAR-100
Carolina Home & Patio Mildew Remover

Carolina Home & Patio Mildew Remover

SKU: CAR-100
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Melts mold and mildew in seconds!

Carolina Home & Patio Mildew Remover is a fast-acting cleaner that quickly removes stubborn mold and mildew stains around the house. Use this eco-friendly formula to clean mold and mildew from showers, patio furniture, exterior panels, pools, and anywhere else mold and mildew is prone to growing. This acid-free cleaner removes mold and mildew without damaging or discoloring the affected material. Not all mildew removes are created equal! Instead of relying on caustic detergents that are harmful to you and the environment, we developed a sophisticated blend of surfactants and emulsifiers that completely remove all traces of mold and mildew. You can literally watch mold and mildew melt from the surface immediately after treating the surface with Carolina Home & Patio Mildew Remover. It works when other products don't! You'll find a million-and-one uses for Caroline Home & Patio Mildew Remover. From moldy door seals on your fridge to mildew on brick pavers and everything in between – Carolina Home & Patio Mildew Remover is strong enough to tackle any job!


Use in a well-ventilated area. Do not use on textile surfaces (i.e.: fabric upholstery). Saturate area to be cleaned and allow 1-2 minutes of dwell time. Then, scrub with a brush or towel. For showers and bathtubs, rinse the surface with water after cleaning. For stubborn stains on the exterior of your house, saturate the surface and allow 3-5 minutes of dwell time before cleaning. Do not allow cleaner to dry on the surface. 22 oz.
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