Carolina Home & Patio All Purpose Cleaner

SKU: car-200
Carolina Home & Patio All Purpose Cleaner

Carolina Home & Patio All Purpose Cleaner

SKU: car-200
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You won't find a job this cleaner won't be able to tackle!

Carolina Home & Patio All Purpose Cleaner is your one-step solution for cleaning virtually any surface inside or outside your house. Formulated using a blend of all-natural citrus degreasers, this fast-acting formula quickly emulsifies and removes stubborn grime from appliances, garage floors, bathrooms, patio and deck furniture, messes left by animals, and more! Use full strength or, for a more economical cleaner, dilute with water.

You get what you pay for -  plain and simple. If you want an inexpensive all-purpose cleaner that does the job but causes you to cough and hack, look elsewhere. Formulated without high-octane detergents, Carolina Home & Patio All Purpose Cleaner relies on advanced non-ionic surfactants that emulsify grease and grime. The result is a superior product that won't affect those with sensitive noses. That's called quality chemistry, folks! I was sick and tired of using over the counter all-purpose cleaners. Sure, they did the job of cleaning spills and messes, but they always left the surface tacky afterwards. And the fumes were awful! I knew there had to be a better way, so I developed Carolina Home & Patio All Purpose Cleaner. Trust me folks, this is a cleaner that gets the job done without causing you to cough and hack!

Directions: Use full strength for heavy stains. For general cleaning, dilute 1 part concentrate to 10 parts water. Spray surface to be cleaned and agitate using appropriate brush. Wipe away any residues. Do not use full strength on glass, plastic, painted surfaces, or vinyl furniture. 22 oz.
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